Sheet Metal For Building Integrity

Architectural Sheet Metals For Building Construction

Specialty Construction provides custom architectural sheet metal products for many different building integrity projects.

We install wall and roofing related flashing, indoor and outside paneling, and a variety of trim for residential and commercial building projects.

Architectural sheet metal both enhances your building’s appearance and it provides protection from the elements. Plus sheet metal is energy efficient and recyclable (a popular Green Building component).

Early consultation with a qualified sheet metal contractor like Specialty Construction is advised to discuss specific job details, technical advice and best practices. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of their knowledge and extensive previous experience with construction sheet metal.

To find out more about the features and benefits of sheet metal and to get a free, no-obligation fabrication quote, contact Specialty Construction today.

The Features & Benefits of Architectural Sheet Metal

If you are unfamiliar with architectural sheet metal, now is the time to discover how it benefits your commercial building. Below, we explain why you should add sheet metal to your structure.

Light in Weight:

Sheet metal is lighter than most of the material currently on your building. This feature makes it easy to install and easy to replace. It also reduces the amount of added weight to your roof or other structural components.

Strong & Durable:

Although sheet metal is lightweight, it is extremely tough and can hold up to severe weather conditions and the outside elements.

Highly Versatile:

Sheet metal can be used for a wide range of architectural applications including roof flashing, exterior trim, outer wall covering, and additional design accents. It can be installed on flat or contoured surfaces.

A Variety Base Metals & Coatings:

Sheet metal is as decorative as it is sturdy. There are a variety of options to choose from for designing your building’s exterior, both with the base metal and the metal coating, if desired. Whether you want to go for a more straightforward look or want something a little bold, you can get it all with sheet metal.

Long Lasting:

Once we install sheet metal on your building, you can expect it to hold up under tough Winter and Summer weather conditions for up to 15-20 years with virtually no maintenance.

For Sound & Secure Buildings The Flashing and Trim Matters

When planning your wall or roof project, do not forget to include the architectural trim that’s necessary to secure your structure.  Trust Specialty Construction to fabricate and install your commercial gutters, downspouts, and other trim or flashing safely and correctly.

A Professional Sheet Metal Contractor in Pittsburgh, PA

If you are looking for a durable and stylish solution for your home or building project contact Specialty Construction. We are located in Western Pennsylvania, but we serve homeowners and contractors in the Tri-State area… and through out the USA and Canada. We will fabricate and ship to all of North America.

To schedule a free project evaluation or fabrication quote, contact us at (412) 821-7663 today.

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Any Custom Edge and Flashing Metal For Weather Resistant Buildings

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