Sheet Metal For Masonry & Roofing

Good flashing protects the integrity of many building components, including brick & block walls

Prolonged moisture is the most damaging element to masonry construction. Moisture is believed to cause up to 90% of masonry issues and failures. Water can enter the inside of a wall cavity as a result of capillary action and thermal bridging as well as leaks from poor construction.

Water can break down joints, degrade anchoring systems, and even cause mold to form within wall structures.

Masonry flashings are utilized (in combination with complete watershed systems) to help migrate water that forms behind brick or block walls to the exterior surface of the wall. Masonry wall flashing serve to facilitate moisture migration away from the inside of the wall cavity so they can dry and remain structurally sound.

Chimney & Roof Dormer Flashing

Chimney Step Flashing

We fabricate custom chimney flashing out of a variety of durable sheet metals to ensure that the connection between the chimney and roof is water-tight for decades. Copper and Stainless Steel are specified most.

Call Specialty Construction to order step flashing, drip edge, or any sheet metal product to protect your building or structure.

Custom Chimney Caps M.T.O.

Quickly and easily prevent chimney decay and home damage with the installation of a Chimney Cap, also called a Chimney Chase Cover.

A chimney chase cover is a cap that seals off the top of a wood framed or brick chimney chase from the weather (and small birds & animals).

Big box store chimney chase covers are typically made from low grade steel that tends to rust after a few years and slowly degrade and leak.

Chimney Cap

Any Size, Shape or Configuration

You won’t find these at Lowes, Home Depot, or any other home or hardware store. Let Specialty Construction custom fab a chimney cap that’s weather tight and perfect for your chimney.

Custom Chimney Chase Covers
Parapet Wall Coping

Roof Parapet Wall Coping Caps

Specialty Construction’s lock tight Wall Coping Cap System is a snap-on, durable painted finished sheet metal coping system with no exposed fasteners. It includes a front-hook anchor plate and a rocker spring plate that provides a tight mount.

The Wall Coping Cap covers the entire wall edge and is commonly used on building parapets.

The horizontal top surface of the wall is the most vulnerable point for water penetration. The most effective way to waterproof wall tops or parapets is to cap the wall top with custom fabricated sheet metal coping.

Specialty Construction can fabricate several types of sheet metal coping systems and wall cap flashing, and provide project management and installation service if needed. Call for a fast free quote.

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Any Custom Edge and Flashing Metal For Weather Resistant Buildings

Baldy cleat flashing
Cornice metal work
Corner guards
Cover plates
S Clips

Drip edge
End dams
Gravel stops
Head wall
Hook strip

J channel
Masonry drip edge
Parapet wall cap
Radius drip edge

Radius wall cap
Reglet Flashing
Ridge caps
Slip joints
Snap edge

Splice plates
Step flashing
Through wall
Valley flashing
Z channel

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